Matters Removal Services

The annual amount of waste products is about 670 Kg per capita; to be the worst waste generator country. So, it’s important to reduce the number of waste products, recycle them as much as we can, and do our best to preserve our environment.

With mattress removal services in BigBird, we try our best to dispose of your old mattress in the most useful and safe way. We are open to all solutions that could support the environment; turning our world into a better place.

Old Mattress Disposal & Removal Services Near You

Removing your old mattress by yourself is a waste of effort and time, and gets more complicated with a bulky and big one.

It’s the right option to get in touch with an experienced team to remove your old mattress properly. BigBird mattress removal service reaches you anywhere. Just make a call

Why choose BigBird Junk to pick up and dispose of your old mattress?

BigBird’s mattress removal services are provided by a highly experienced team, to make sure of the right disposal of old mattresses.

Our Big concern at BigBird is to get rid of old mattresses in the most useful and safe way for our nature. BIgBird offers you an easy way to replace your old mattress with a new one, free up your space, and save your effort and time. What do people say about BIgBirds?

Mattress removal services 

Disposing of a worn-out or old mattress is not an easy task. They are bulky and difficult to move for a single person, and in addition, it is forbidden to put them on the way. If you do, all mattress layout options require a lot of time and effort.

But, do not worry! There is a simple way to get rid of an old mattress. (And that does not include abandoning her in an alley!) Bedbugs present a unique problem even when preparing to get rid of one’s old mattress. The regulation differs from one city to another, we do not accept mattresses infested with bed bugs.

We take the hassle out of mattress removal

We understand that getting rid of an old mattress can be a pain. That’s why we offer a convenient hassle-free mattress removal service. We’ll come to your home or office and remove your old mattress for you. We’ll even recycle it if possible.

Schedule a free pickup today

Just give us a call or book online and we’ll come and remove your old mattress at a time that’s convenient for you. We offer same-day and next-day service in most areas.

If you have a bedbug problem, let us know when booking your quote If the quote is right for you, remove the mattress, no matter where it is in your home, and when it’s done, clean up the collection. Recycling’s are your complete collection of unwanted and old mattresses. We offer the collection of unwanted items for the home or business. 

What do we collect?

We are the object collection service for difficult cases, and we make sure that your objects are recycled or arranged in an ecological way. Do you have an old mattress, furniture, appliances, electronics, building debris, or yard junks that you want to get rid of? We pick up almost all the materials that our trucks can hold without lifting a finger.

We collect the debris wherever it is, and we clean everything after our passage. We offer a complete collection of unwanted items.

How our pricing works?

BigBird’s mattress removal services depend on the following factors to offer you the most affordable pricing:

  • Amount and size of old mattress
  • Material type; like metal, or wood 
  • The number of tracks that are needed to transfer your old mattress.

Get the best deal for mattress removal with BigBirds now.

Recycle your mattress

After we get your old mattress, our team starts categorizing them into recycled or non-recycled materials. We send recycled materials in BigBirds to specified centers, preserving our environment.

Recycling mattresses with bedbugs

It’s not necessary all the time to dispose of beds contaminated with bedbugs. However, the most important is to remove them properly and quickly as you can.

That’s the most significant point to prevent the spread of infection. It’s not a good choice to sell them or to be sent them to a charity.

Mattress disposal and removal FAQ

  • How to get rid of a mattress?

It’s the easiest and safe to get rid of a mattress with BigBird’s mattress services. We can reach you anywhere.

There are more three ways to dispose of old mattresses:

  • look for online buyer
  • look for charity can use them
  • Contact your local recycling center
  • Get the best deal with BigBird, your trusted company.
  • Can I put my mattress on the curb?

At BigBird we don’t prefer this way of disposal. On the other hand, you can sell them, donate them, or look for mattress removal services. In some states, you will pay a fine for this misbehavior.

  • How to dispose of old mattresses for free?

look for a charity or non-profit organization that can use them.

  • How do you dispose of an old mattress?

If your old mattress is in a good state that allows you to sell it, look for someone who wants to buy one. Or get into the second option, and donate your old mattress.

  • Can you take the bed frame along with the mattress?

At BigBird we advise you to look for someone who looks for second-hand used items, otherwise, call us to get rid of your old mattress with the bed frame. 


Have any questions? contact us at BigBird for mattress removal services.