Sometimes we want to renovate and would want to get a new beautiful hot tub. The problem most times is HOW. How do you go about removing the hot tub? How can you do this tedious work without breaking other valuable properties in the house or even inflicting pain on yourself? Even if you succeed in removing them, how can you convey them to their new destinations, will they fit in your car trunk? Would they break on the way? Worry no more; BIG BIRD junk removal provides you with Tub removal services.

BIG BIRD junk removal offers tub removal services that are totally safe, efficient, and as well as eco-friendly. With our professionals, the removal process is no longer a task to give you sleepless nights. When you contact us and show us the hot tub to be removed, we will do just that and also convey the hot tub in a sizeable truck. We make sure your hot tub is taken to the right place, especially for recycling. Removing a hot tub is not a task for a single person. They are extremely heavy, difficult to remove and it takes a small team to move them. And impossible to put them in the trash. Even if you manage to put it on the road, many cities do not accept hot tubs in their waste collection services. Instead of getting rid of your old hot tub by yourself, call us. We are here to help you, whether you have a standard or double size hot tub. We will take care of the whole thing, starting from removing it and taking it to the junk.

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