Furniture Junk Removal


No doubt that furniture junk removal is a very cumbersome process, unless you treat it intelligently, in this case, it becomes full of fun.

Once you have some furniture pieces that you’re no longer using, especially if they’re big, large, and bulky, such as couches, tables, and bookshelves. they are not so easy to move out on your own. Also Getting rid of these pieces of furniture is a tedious process.

It is ok, there is no problem anymore as we offer an easy and efficient decluttering service.

You can count on our professional, save, and quick furniture removal services at big bird junk removal company, we provide the quality your furniture household services.

For more details about the big bird junk removal company and our furniture household removal service, we encourage you to call us at +1236-868-9199

What is Big Bird furniture junk removal?

Furniture junk removal is the process of carrying out the current furniture to free up space to bring in new furniture, change the general appearance of the decorations, change the colors of the furniture, or because the current furniture has become generally unusable.

furniture junk removal by Big Bird:

When we are going to talk about furniture junk removal, we have ideas – for sure – that are more useful than curbside disposal. You can depend on our experience to carry out professional, safe, and quick furniture junk removal services.

We encourage you to call us for more details at +1236-868-9199.

As we offer easy and efficient furniture junk removal that you won’t have to worry about how to complete the process of furniture removal. Once you’ve called us our trucks will arrive to you accompanied by trained personnel to help you get rid of your junk furniture.

What are the furniture items we will remove?

Big Bird proudly can help you get rid of all kinds of junk furniture. As we offer you an outstanding performance.

The items that we are removing include sofas, box springs, loveseats, chairs, artwork, sleeper sofas, bed frames deleted, armchairs, desks, dishes, kitchen tables, dressers, cabinets, carpets or rugs, tables, hutches, bookshelves, lamps, and mirrors.

We can remove everything you don’t need in your home.

Locations we serve

  1. Vancouver
  2. Richmond
  3. Burnaby
  5. DELTA
  6. Fraser view
  7. South Vancouver
  8. Champlain heights
  9. Killarney
  10. Collingwood
  11. Renfrew heights
  12. Renfrew
  13. Having east
  14. Grandview
  15. Victoria Vancouver
  16. Knight Vancouver
  17. Fraser Vancouver
  18. Main Vancouver
  19. Marple Vancouver
  20. Suncrest big bend south slope
  21. Metrotown
  22. East Burnaby
  23. West Central Burnaby
  24. East Richmond
  25. South Arm Richmond
  26. City Centre Richmond
  27. Steveston Richmond
  28. West Richmond
  29. Thompson Richmond

Why choose Big Bird furniture junk removal services?

Simply, Big Bird makes furniture removal easy. You don’t have to worry about your junk furniture removal. You even don’t have to move them to the curb for us. Instead, we will grab these heavy items wherever they are located.

Big Bird furniture recycling and donation services

According to Big Bird disposing of your old items of furniture is processed in the most environmentally friendly way. This is important to Big Bird.

Many of the furniture junk items that have been unwanted are taken and have been recycled and renovated.

Some items are not able to be recycled because of their condition that doesn’t allow renovation. But don’t worry we are going to share it with some charity groups to see if they need any of them as a furniture donation.

Is it available to recycle wood furniture?

Yes, wood furniture can be recycled but you have to consider the type of wood that has been used to make these pieces of old furniture. Furniture pieces that are made from some kind of untreated wood can be well recycled. But the most of furniture now are have been made by using some kinds of treated wood which is not available to be recycled all the time due to the chemical used in varnish and paints.

What is the furniture type that you can recycle or dispose of?

If you want to dispose of your old mattresses, it is strongly recommended to wrap them in plastic for the safety and efficiency of the disposal process, but in case you want to get rid of old pieces of furniture like couches or old chairs, just leave them assembled and our crew will halt them away. Sometimes, while furniture junk is removed, in case it could not be recycled, we donate the furniture to local charities like community theatres, shelters, or even small companies.

But in case of the availability of recycling, it could be sent to the recycling centers.

Am I allowed to put my unwanted furniture pieces on the curb or can I give them away to anyone for free?

Some cities’ guidelines allow you in case of furniture junk removal to put your old pieces of furniture on the curb or give them away to anyone for free. While other cities’ guidelines do not allow their residents to haul their unwanted furniture to the curb. It depends on the area you are located in and the type of living space you have.

However, if there is a strata manager in the building you are located so you can check simply if it was allowed to do this or not.

To get pick up for our old pieces of furniture. Who we can get?

Many options come from furniture junk removal. One of them is to check whether your city has offered a free pick-up for big items or not.

Regulation of furniture junk removal may be varied depending on the area you are located in.

Also, you can hire a professional furniture junk removal service like Big Bird service to handle the furniture picking up for you.

What can I do with the office old furniture pieces? 

Since most of the offices are contains a big amount of wood and furniture. Consider asking a professional furniture junk removal service like Big Bird for help, it can make the office removal process pretty easy for you.

Is it ok to throw the old or unwanted couch in the dumpster or close to one?

Generally, it is not recommended to do so. Although it seems like the easiest method to get rid of your unwanted couch. That is because most of the garbage services are not equipped to handle the removal of large items like couches. But in case you have to throw your large item like couches you must break them down first before you throw them in the dumpster or close to it.

How can I get rid of my old matters?

By talking about furniture junk removal. We can talk about getting rid of old matters as an item of the furniture items.

Although disposing of your old matters is not an easy task due to, they are heavy, bulky, and difficult to move for a single person. Also, it is not allowed to leave them on the roads.

But it could be easy if you ask for a well-trained and professional furniture junk removal service like what we can present at Big Bird.

NOTE: The mattresses infested by bed bugs are not accepted.

What is the cost of furniture junk removal service?

As the service and the amount of work or the removed items are not constant all the time. So, we could not make a fixed price for the service at all.

The cost of furniture junk removal is depending on many factors and the most important factors of them are the number of items that you want to get rid of them and the space that is taken inside the truck.

So, pricing is not that easy. But don’t worry we can give you a fair and accurate price when we reach you at the work location, while we can determine exactly what the job is require.

Also, you can call us at +1236-868-9199 and you can tell us about the job to give you an estimated price. Note that the given price, in this case, can not be considered a final price but it is an estimated price to know the price range for the furniture junk removal job. But when we reach the customer’s place the accurate final price can be given which can exceed or reduce the estimated given price.