Real estate and Foreclosure Homes

Have you purchased a home? Are there unwanted junk and debris? Big Bird Junk Removal Company can make junk disappear, get rid of unwanted clutter, and cleanup to empty property and ready for sale or rent.

This service consists of the removal of your old appliance and its transfer to a certified recycling or disposal center.

In this way, we ensure that your appliances will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Real estate and Foreclosure Homes

We collect and dispose of your Refrigerators, freezers, chests, washing machines, dryers, and all sorts of home appliances.

We pick up Appliances in General Used, Old, Antique and Second-Hand appliances.  If you want to dispose of your old appliances whenever you want, we render services to everyone not minding your location.

We can vacate your used household appliance within24 h. We empty the Appliances partially or completely, depending on the needs of the Owner or Client. If you need cheap Appliance Clearance Companies, we are from the affordable Picking Companies that will solve your problems for you as soon as possible when you contact us.

With just one call to us, you take away your old TV or your broken washer. Thus we contribute among all to enjoy a cleaner city and without abandoned residues in the street.

Most quick real estate and foreclosure service with BigBird

Estate Cleaning and emptying may be a quiet challenge, especially at sensitive, stressful times, and for the elderly. At BigBird we provide you with real estate and foreclosure homes services; make sure that we are always beside you, and we alleviate your burdens and worries.

Simple house clean-out services

Our mission at BigBird is to relieve your stress and save your time to keep your schedule and appointments. When our team is about to reach you, you would receive a phone call to announce you and get ready.

Our team will declare the process for you, and answer all of your questions, then we will discuss with you the fate of all the gathered things.   

Preparing for an estate cleanout

We recommend at BigBird to prepare for the estate cleanout the day before our appointment. It’s important to keep your valuable things and avoid any confusion about things that should go away and things you need. Book your service now in just in 1 minute.

The property cleanouts we offer

BigBird’s real estate and foreclosure service provides you with a full package for cleaning out, disposing of old appliances and furniture, removing junk, and preparing the house either for rent, sale, or for housing.

Leave residential property cleanouts to the professionals

BigBird services are always on time, we are open to any questions or required changes regarding the plan. After we get in touch with you, we start categorizing everything at home and dispose of them either via donation or recycling. The whole process with BigBird is environmentally friendly. What do people say about BIgBirds?

How to empty house contents

We provide you with a brief guide to help you empty your house with some tips to pass that hard time:

  • Gather all documents: You should pay attention to important documents like insurance, taxes, bank statements, and any other thing you may need.
  •  Prepare well: You should search carefully all over the house, and gather all things you want to keep, or something important you may have lost before.
  • Share with the family: if you are moving on to another house, it seems good to share those last moments with your family, also don’t forget to gather any memorabilia.
  • Donate your loved items: if you feel hard to get rid of valuable things; that would be a good choice to preserve long-lasting use of them and share the benefits.

About BigBird Junk Foreclosure and Estate Cleanout Services

BigBird’s real estate and foreclosure services reach you anywhere. We take care of all things and prepare your home for rent or sale. 

We dispose of items either by recycling or sending them to disposal centers. We collect all old appliances; including furniture, electronics, or old appliances. We also remove all the junk. 

How much estate cleanout services cost?

BigBird services provide you with the best deal you can ever get. We prepare a unique plan for each client to make sure you get the expected results. Take a tour on our services page.

What Will Junk Works Take?

BigBird real estate and foreclosure services don’t need more than 24 hours. We are the quickest and most affordable service that takes care of your house from A to Z.

Foreclosure Cleanout FAQS

  • Do you offer labor and trucks to remove items from a foreclosure?

Sure, we will send you an adequate number of trucks with laborers depending on your needs.

  • What can you remove from a foreclosure cleanout?

We take care of all things, including:

  • old appliances
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Kitchenware
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Junk
  • Do you offer eco-friendly foreclosure and estate clean-out services?

At BigBird, we dispose of items either by sending them for second-hand use, or specified centers for safe disposal.